Black Mesa, also known as Kits'ili, is located in northern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. Black Mesa is a proud community where the tradition of sheep herding still exists among the elderly who reside within the area. Kits'ili is located in a higher elevation, mountain top. The seasonal scenes can be quite exquisite, the summer weather brings plenty of rain resulting in ample vegetation for livestock. The winters are freezing cold but the scenes are always beautiful, the snowfall varies from year to year. No matter the condition it's always beautiful.

Black Mesa Community School hosts anywhere from 50 - 80 students annually and serves students in grades K - 8th. Black Mesa Community School also hosts a "Growing In Beauty Home Visitation Program", serving prenatal to 3 year old children. Growing In Beauty Home Visitation is a program designed to get parent's involved in the early childhood development of their child/children. If you want more information about the program, please, contact the school or the Parent Educator, Karen L. Bahe. Kits'ili is a community still in progress.

A brief history:
The Black Mesa Community School is the 5th Navajo Contract School and the 33rd Contract in the United States during March 29, 1977. Black Mesa Community School is currently a Grant School, P.L. 100-297 under the Indian Self Determination Act of 1975 and serves kindergarten to eight grade students. A Grant School... "…enable tribes and local communities to affect the quantity and quality of educational services and opportunities which will permit Indian children to compete and excel. The US Congress affirmed the reality of the special and unique educational needs of Indian people, including the need for programs to meet the linguistic and cultural aspirations of Indian tribes ad communities."

During the Fall of 1973, the first full time staff members were employed to create a curriculum and to develop the facility. Rough Rock School agreed to fund the first year of operation with Title IV funds on August 12, 1974. A Four Corners Grant provided 10'x30' trailers that were unfurnished and had no utilities, heating and cooking facilities. In 1976, the Indian Health Services drilled a well and installed a generator at the school.

The Black Mesa Community School received a new school building construction in 1982 and completed the project in 1983 with a complete package of utilities. The employees and students move into new school building during the summer of 1984 and begin classes in August. Four small trailers and one 2-bedroom trailer were brought in for teacher housing. The additional two new portable classroom buildings were brought in and installed in 1986 for student use. In 1989, BIA transferred five used trailers for school employees. In 1989, three new portable classroom buildings were brought in for student use due to increase of enrollment. Staff housing construction took placed and completed in the Spring of 2003. At the completion of housing construction, there are 10 new housing units made available for staff use. Due to deteriorations of seven old trailers, they were sold off and a brand new trailer was purchased for staff use. In 2006, the transportation building was constructed and being used to house and maintain the buses and school vehicles.

In May 2008, the School Board approved to add on pre-kindergarten program due to closure of Navajo Nation Head Start Program in 2006 at the Black Mesa Center.